Why not write to me or contct me by phoning or texting my mobile 07769 732287 or to check my availability and prices for your special occasion.

You can also contact me by phoning The Music Box, Meadowhall, 0114 256 9089 and if I am not in at the time I will ring you back, or you will be given an alternative number to reach me. You can contact me on mobile also, on 07769 732287.

Though I am retained for main dates of the year by prominent Sheffield Area hotels playing both their own and my digital pianos and run a weekly week-night dance on organ and keyboards locally I still have some weekend dates as well as midweek ones available.

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Alex Govier
Playing the Accordion

Alex playing for a recent wedding with his Roland accordionAlex Govier and his piano accordion can add a special feel to a particularly themed occasion, such as with an Italian or French connection.

I mainly accept bookings around South Yorkshire (up to 100 miles radius of Doncaster) or in Cornwall, within approximately 50 miles of Truro and Falmouth.

The picture of me on the left is from a recent (2008) wedding with my Roland FR7 accordion with some French music and the outdoor ambience and portability which is one of the main advantages of this very special instrument. With an acoustic appearance and no wires to plug in it can nevertheless add ideal acoustics to the sound even outdoors and optionally give a lighter more jazzy bass and guitar sound to my accompaniment

My Weltmeister 72-bass piano-accordion is the beautiful  blue acoustic accordion shown later on this page, but I  have now added a Roland FR 7 Accordion to my instruments as pictured below right

My Roland FR7 accordionThis works in the normal way, but I can choose your particular sound, eg for French music, Italian music, or jazz style, enhanced by effects which give the impression of playing in an exceptionally pleasant acoustic space and with occasionally subtle suggestions that I am playing with a double bass player, clarinet, sax, mandolin, guitar etc.

All the accordion voicings are immaculate and respond to my touch and bellows control just as a conventional accordion would and I am free to play instantly, with no messy connections to an amp or mains electricity, just as on a conventional accordion. The only sign that it is in fact a highly advanced digital instrument is a tiny blue lcd style pilot light when I am using it.

If you would like to know more about this remarkable instrument please click here. for the Roland website.

The Picture below shows my beautiful Weltmeister traditional piano-accordion which I can also use. Being lighter this sometimes has advantages for extended or roving use

Useable Anywhere
The accordion is useful where music is required to be taken around the audience, or deployed to different areas at short notice.

An Unusual Sight and Evocative Sound
Once commonplace, the accordion is now  rarely seen and so attracts great interest, and of course its sound, which requires no amplification is unique.

For portability and so that I can physically keep going for reasonably long periods (usually a maximum of 45 minutes at a time on this instrument)

Presentation Styles
With this I can even maintain playing standing up for short periods, although for longer periods I would need sit, and have for use my fold-away stool.

Serenading your Guests
I have played wandering between the tables amongst wedding guests for example although settling down at various points in the room every few minutes.

A Demanding Instrument
The Accordion is an instrument which is exceptionally  physically demanding to play and I would normally expect to play only two or three 40 minute sets on it in an evening.
However I can, for an addition to the fee to allow for the extra set-up time, provide music on a more continuous basis by using keyboard with occasional 20 minute highlights on accordion, just long enough for the novelty of the instrument to make its effect.
Accordion Repertoire
Obviously if playing for a French evening on accordion, I would include mainly French and numbers with a continental flavour, occasional popular operatic tunes, Edith Piaf, Michel Legrand and older favourites such as Bridges of Paris and so on, mainly on the musette sound. Similarly for an Italian evening mainly continental, Neapolitan, operatic melodies, although in both cases a touch of variety from more modern ballads, musicals, latin material or standards may come in handy. The new Roland FR 7 has further expanded on what is possible for me to play and brought the chance to add favourite standards in a suitable semi-jazz accordion style to my selection with acoustic bass and guitar accompaniment all from this remarkable instrument.

Demonstration Files
I can now supply brief examples of my sounds on accordion or piano on request. Please include your request in your e-mail to me. Remember, you can also contact me direct on 07769 732287 (mobile, so you may need to ring a couple of times in case I am driving so not free to answer).

I always charge very reasonable prices, varying for locality and duration of playing, but especially favourable rates for midweek engagements (except Bank Holidays etc.)

I always charge very reasonable prices, my lowest only just in the three-figure range, with especially favourable rates for midweek engagements (except Bank Holidays etc.)  Contact me by e-mail or by phoning or texting my mobile 07769 732287 or

If you are organising something with lots of features my fees are likely to be the least expensive feature by a wide margin!

 Alex Govier, professional musician plays Piano, Keyboards, Organ or  Accordion for
* Hotels
* Restaurants
* Corporate Events
* Weddings
* Banquets
* Special Occasions
* Private Parties
* Special Promotions
* Product Launches
* Shows

I always charge very reasonable prices, my lowest only just outside the two-figure range, with especially favourable rates for midweek engagements (except Bank Holidays etc.)

If you are organising something with lots of features my fees are likely to be the least expensive feature by a wide margin!  

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