Why not write to me to check my availability and prices for your special occasion.

You can also contact me by phoning The Music Box, Meadowhall, 0114 256 9089 and if I am not in at the time I will ring you back, or you will be given an alternative number to reach me. You can contact me on mobile also, on 07769 732287.

Though I am retained for main dates of the year by prominent Sheffield Area hotels playing both their own and my digital pianos and run a weekly week-night dance on organ and keyboards locally I still have some weekend dates as well as midweek ones available.

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Alex Govier
Playing at Your Yorkshire area Marriage
or Your Wedding in Cornwall
on Piano or Piano-Accordion

Make My Music on Piano or Accordion A Memorable Addition to your Wedding Celebrations


There is nothing like the presence of real live music to add sparkle and a very romanitc atmosphere to your wedding and compared with the major expenses of location hire, photography and catering for your guests the cost is minimal and will be remembered as a very special feature of the event ever afterwards by you and all your friends.

To discuss how it would all work for your wedding plans and get an instant quote just ring me on 07769 732287 (or even leave a text message). E-mails are also very welcome and responded to fast.

You do not even need to have a piano at the venue to be able to enjoy my live piano music

Although I am delighted to play any reputable and well-maintained piano which is currently available at your hotel or other wedding venue, if none is provided there I will bring my own for just a small supplement to my quite modest charges.

Where you may require piano music in two locations I can even bring two separate instruments to make a smooth transition between the different parts of the event.

I have chosen my digital pianos carefully for their tone, depth of expression and response, so that you and your guests will get the full effect of hearing the music from a top-of-the-range concert grand piano

General Wedding Guidelines

I can play at different points in your wedding celebrations, usually different combinations of

    a/ - The Wedding itself, (if held in a hotel or similar, or even on organ in church if you have difficulty getting an organist)

    b/ - The pre-reception, having drinks in the hotel or in park-land before going into the meal

    c/ - The "Wedding Breakfast" as your post-wedding meal with your guests is slightly misleadingly called!

    d/ - The evening reception - yes but only if you want a very very laid-back evening with your guests! Ordinarily I would recommend a band or disco for this part of your day

    I can play for individual parts as listed above or for various combinations of them, and there will be a slight price adjustment depending on your choice. If you want any help with advice on what you are going to do you are very welcome to consult me as well as your wedding planner of course.

Music Guidelines for your Wedding

I aim for a nice classy sound such as you might have found in an old film when venturing into an expensive nightclub and normally play a mix of popular old and new standards, modern ballads, light classics and songs from the shows. (If you want I can provide a few files for you to hear of my playing by e-mail)

These might include light classics, plus music made famous by Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Abba, Gloria Estefan, Queen, Elvis, Beatles, Burt Bacharach, Andrew Lloyd Webber and many many more with a liberal sprinkling of the jazz era classics.

If you are not very into music titles and all this reads llike an obscure dialect of Chinese to you don`t worry and just leave it to me to choose for you.. My standard selections always strike a chord of recognition and appreciation somewhere for all age groups of you and your guests and I am always being told how much everyone has enjoyed the music, and the rare sight of it being provided live with absolutely no fakery.

If I am playing for more than just the marriage ceremony  itself I may be covering two or three hours it is not practicable to provide a list or do a complete selection entirely of requests, however if you have some favourites I will try to incorporate them and locate them to play if they are not currently in my repertoire, and will see if I can incorporate on the spot suggestions from nearby guests!

The request side is particularly important when I am playing for the marriage ceremony itself which can typically include both the usual wedding marches and a nice romantic ballad with a worthwhile sentiment while you are signing the register. It is nice to know if you have any favourite tunes for this part particularly.

Wedding Marches?

You may also substitute for the wedding marches, maybe other classics such as Vivaldi or Handel, Rachmaninov, Bach etc or any that I can have available for you but remember that some registrars uphold carefully the division between church and state to avoid anything religious (even so as long as the words are not sung some do not mind Bach chorales such as Sheep may safely Graze, you need to confirm this with them).

Sometimes people have guests who are talented singers and I can accompany their contribution to the proceedings (they should bring their own music normally for this, though sometimes these are so well-known and often played in the course of my career that even that is not necessary. I have even on occasion accompanied a nice couple of standards sung by the bride during the speeches in the wedding breakfast, prior rehearsal having been arranged.

My aim is to make your wedding day even more special and I consider it a privilege to be there helping out by providing music on your greatest happiest days and trying to make it even better.

For outdoor events or to add a continental flavour you can book me on my piano-accordion

The accordion is ideal if you want to hold part of the proceedings in a park or garden away from a power supply and this works even with my hi-tech but very traditional sounding Roland FR7 accordion. Both the sound source and the power supply are tucked away unobtrusively inside the instrument. I do of course have other "acoustic" accordions too.

The accordion is also ideal for quick set-up ready to play in comparison with digital pianos, though slower to get organised than a conventional piano if one is already in the venue.

You can even have music from both instruments at different parts of the proceedings at a slight extra cost.

If you would like to know more about this remarkable instrument please click here. for the Roland website. I can also supply by e-mail a few samples I have recorded myself direct to computer disc on request.

The Picture below shows my beautiful Weltmeister traditional piano-accordion which I can also use. Being lighter this sometimes has advantages for extended or roving use

Demonstration Music Files

I can now supply brief examples of my sounds on accordion or piano on request. Please include your request in your e-mail to me.

Remember, you can also contact me direct on 07769 732287 (mobile, so you may need to ring a couple of times in case I am driving so not free to answer).

You can also text queries to me if too shy to speak in the first instance!

I am really a very mild relaxed type of person though, so please do get in touch with me with your queries!

What kind of Fees and how to pay them
I always charge very reasonable prices, varying for locality and duration of playing, but especially favourable rates for midweek engagements (except Bank Holidays etc.). Booking me to play for you  is very unlikely to add excessive strain to your budget!.

Fees will vary slightly as to duration, location (normallyto keep fees and timing reasonable I do not work more than 100 miles from my home in South Yorkshire, or I can work anywhere within South West Cornwall, particularly in the Truro or Falmouth areas, if I am able to fit you in there in between Northern engagements). I work from a very low starter fee, modifying by about 25 for each extra set of about 30 miles travelled above a basic fee for about 25 miles from either the Sheffield area or Falmouth, Cornwall.

Obviously there will come a point at which this becomes expensive, but do not automatically assume even this will mean mine will be the highest quote, as I do start charging from a ery low level. I will also adjust the starting point of charging 25 downwards for weekday engagements as compared with weekend..

I also make adjustments for whether or not I have to provide and set up my own piano or pianos, to cover wear and tear and much increased loading and unloading times and thus the necessity to be onsite very much earlier. For complex setups I sometimes bring a roadie.

If you cannot understand all this, just phone me on 07769 732287 or e-mail me at Misterpianoman@aol.com  you may well be pleasantly surprised and will be treated with courtesy as I am always pleased to hear from you whatever the outcome.

You can pay me by cash or cheque whichever is convenient for you. Usually the best man or parent of bride or groom will do this on the day. In the case of long-distance or far into the future gigs I may ask for a nominal deposit to secure your date, and I know some people may actually feel safer if making this advance commitment.

I always charge very reasonable prices, my lowest well inside the two-figure range, with especially favourable rates for midweek engagements (except Bank Holidays etc.) Please click here to fill in the simple form without obligation and I will send you a quote.

If you are organising something with lots of features my fees are likely to be the least expensive feature by a wide margin!

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